Not all first dates are bad. I happened to meet a very nice gentleman who seemed to have it all one lovely evening. We had some chemistry, and had that special ease to talk to each other. The first evening drinks went smoothly. We chatted over gin martinis in this lovely little bar nestled in a very posh part of town. Martinis turned into dinner and we didn’t want the date to end.We texted each other and spoke on the phone the next week daily.  My stomach had sweet butterflies every times I saw his text come through or his name on my caller id.  Yay!  A nice guy has come my way!!  #datingover50

Date 2 was just as lovely. He was the gentleman I had always wanted. This wonderful handsome tall dark (little grey) and handsome man Ordered for me opened the door for me. Yes I am independent and can order my own food, but I think it is a special thing for a man to do that. This would be the guy who would lay his coat out over a puddle for you so your shoes didn’t get wet. Chivalry is NOT dead! Again the night went smoothly. We laughed and shared points of our lives to each other that don’t normally come out in a second date. I felt like I knew him forever. During the conversation he told me that he might need to go to China on business soon for a few months. No worries as I knew part of his business was in China. We made out outside my car like teenagers. I was smitten!

Third date was equally as wonderful, back to where we had our first date. Martinis and dinner were delectable! I felt safe with this guy and loved everything about this new budding romance. Than with tears in his eyes, he said he needed to tell me something. He wasn’t actually going to China. He was going to jail. He wasn’t sure what his sentence would be and so he continued to date. Now he knew he would be going to jail for 3 years. His nephew whom worked for the company that he was president of embezzled over 10 million dollars. When he found out about it, he approached the bank the money was taken from and offered them to pay it back with a lot of interest apparently. This was considered bribery and he was convicted and given the maximum sentence. He asked’ “Would I like to write him in jail and visit him?”. My answer was “No thank you”. Next………..






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