The Magician

stock-vector-magician-pulling-out-a-rabbit-from-his-top-hat-145681025On Line dating web sites here I come! I’m ready willing and able to find HIM! Yippie! So I go online to a few different ones. One for older singles…You know second time arounders which certainly sounds like me. One of the sites I applied to was for a general group of on line daters and thirdly a free site. It amazes me that most of the same people are on all of them. So I get to email many of these stellar gentlemen. It is exciting that all these men are interested inme! I am attractive and curvy in all the right places. I wear a size 10. Green eyes that will kill you and I am pretty cute. I will be blogging about the dates I have gone on!…

Here is number 1.

He is a magician. Famous apparently also! (He didn’t want to reveal his name just in case I knew of him…I didn’t think his picture looked familiar but I don’t know many magicians. ) His magical Blue eyes were to DIE for. I am smitten by his picture. He definitely looks handsome! We had a nice phone conversation and I agreed to meet him for a drink at a local restaurant in an upscale mall.

Friends have told me to always arrive early so that I can introduce myself to the bartender and let them know what is going on.   It does make me feel safer and I like this idea, so off I went early.

He arrived on time while I was sipping my gin martini. We gave each other the usual pleasant hello hug. He orders a drink and we begin the courting dance. The conversation is great. He has a warm smile and seems oh so sweet. He asks about me and I am frank with him. I am a widow who survived breast cancer. He is amazed at my ability to take care of myself and still seek a man not because I NEED one but because I want one. He than decides to show off a bit. He does some magic tricks right at the bar. I am mesmerized by his slight of hand tricks. He reveals his name. Sorry I never ever heard of him before, so apparently he was famous in his own mind. His career brought him on various cruise ships. Does that make you famous? I’m not so sure. Finally as the conversation began to flow he asked me this question, “So with your husband passed away, do you believe in life after death? Does he come to see you?”

I am shocked by this question. But I decide to tell him my truth. I reply, “Yes, actually, I never believed in that before he passed. Now I know my husband is around and I he has sent me many signs that he is still watching over me.” He asked, “Have you seen a medium about him?” Not knowing what to say except the truth I replied, “Yes I have, I had a 2 hour conversation with him where he told me things that no one would ever know! It was very comforting and lovely!”.

I smiled that awkward smile when one finishes a sentence and waits for a response back. He stood up quickly and exclaimed, “JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD MY SAVIOR, THIS IS THE BLACK OCCULT AND I WILL HAVE NO PART OF IT!  I need to use the mens room.”

Mr. Magician up and left, the poor bartender just looked sadly at me and laughed. Apparently he heard the whole conversation as I did ask him to watch over me. Now I wasn’t sure if I should leave or not. So I had to stay and find out. When he returned he said to me that he couldn’t date me since I believed in the black occult. I said to him yes, I would have a hard time dating him as well as I have since become a practicing witch. We left. And I knew I wouldn’t hear from him again. Until 3 days later when he left me a voice mail that said he enjoyed meeting me very much and could I please give him another chance. Needless to say this Italian Irish Catholic girl never responded back. I still have the message to make myself laugh. Good times! Date one done!


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